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Ride Rock Delay Spray
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Ride Rock Delay Spray Features


Ride Rock Acts Instantly So You Can Go Longer!

Ride 'til dawn! Enhance your erection's stamina and prolong the joy of intimate sexual relations with just a few squirts of Ride Rock Delay Spray!

Ride Rock is created with an amazing 7.5% benzocaine, which makes it an extremely fast acting topical desensitizer.

Use this strong formula delay spray for when you want to prolong your performance for mutual pleasure!

- Ride Rock Delay Spray
- Very fast acting topical desensitizer
- Long lasting, numbs penis to delay ejaculation, enhance performance
- Strong presence of active ingredient 7.5% benzocaine
- Includes aloe vera, a natural moisturizer
- Made with banana leaf extract to heal skin
- Includes propylene glycol, a clear, slippery, odorless organic compound
- 1 oz plastic spray bottle
- 100% vegan friendly
- Made in USA!

To use Ride Rock Delay Spray, apply 3 or 4 sprays to head and shaft of penis five minutes before intercourse. Wash off immediately after the lovin'.

Adam & Eve recommends Ride Rock Delay Spray to men who want to enjoy and give a longer session of intercourse with their partner.


Benzocaine 7.5%, Aloe Vera, Banana Leaf Extract, Propylene Glycol, PEG-400

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ride rock delay spray   

on November 30, 2013

did not work
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