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Increase The Size Of Your G-Spot!

Men aren’t the only ones who can enhance their hot spots! Now women can increase the size and sensitivity of the G-spot with Discover G-spot Gel. The result is mind-blowing sensation and incredible orgasms for better sex every time!

Not just a sex lube, this is a stimulating gel especially formulated for the G-spot. It contains a blend of certified organic extracts and peppermint oil blended with L-arginine, ingredients long associated with the most effective sexual enhancement products.

To start getting the most out of your sex life, just apply a pea-sized spot of Discover Gel on one finger and apply it to the G-spot. Manually stimulate the G-spot until you can actually feel it increase in size and sensitivity. It’s an exciting new feeling for both you and your partner!

Discover G-spot Gel is latex and condom-friendly, too, safe for use with your favorite sex toys.

Also included with the gel is an Intimate Organics Guide to The G-spot.

Discover G-Spot Gel comes in a 1 oz. plastic tube, containing approximately 30 applications.

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kat w/a tude   

kat w/a tude on March 21, 2012

Ordered the wrong thing but he found the spot and WOW!!!
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Lani in Love! on August 31, 2009

the other day i purchased a bottle of your organic g-spot arousal gel. yesterday i went on a date to the aquarium with this guy, and it was the worst date ever... i mean ever!!he barely spoke to me..ive been seeing him for about a month anyway (and hes normally really fun...and the sex is good but not amazing) i was thinkin!!! the end!!! but i thought okay hes quite cool ill give him another i met him after dinner. and i decided to pull out my new find, your product..... wooooooooooooooooowwwwzzzzzzaaaaa weeexxzzzzewerr phew! is all i can say. my whole body clenched and i had cramp all of my body, arms, legs...and my hands cramped into fist..i couldnt move (actually got a little worried for a moment and thought uh oh this could be an embarrassing sex hospital situation) thank god it wasnt!! it was blooodyyyy amazing... thank you sooooo much.... is all this supposed to happen...i hope it wasnt a one offf???? now the only problem is is that the guy think its was up to him!!!! and i almost thought in that 5-10 mins of madness cramp orgasm..dont know what to call it... thought i might have fallen in love with him!!! i then realised i have actually fallen in love with you guy and your product!!! so thank you so much....what an amazing start to the bank holiday.. when i have my next long term boyf im gonna set up an account!! so thank you very much again love to all Lani xxxxx
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