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Fast Results For A Woman's Pleasure & Health!

Enjoy sex more –– and have healthier PC muscles, too!

Childbirth, lifestyle choices and simple aging can affect the PC muscles in a woman's pelvic area. Use the Embrace Tightening Pleasure Collection to tighten muscles, improve circulation and to experience more intense orgasms. Your lover's erect penis will appreciate your new-found ability to "grab" him at will!

Simple, easy to use, plus immediate results –– get started on better PC muscle health the moment your Collection arrives in the mail.

• Embrace Tightening Pleasure Collection
• Strengthens a woman's PC muscle
• Stronger PC muscle means more pleasure for both partners, better health for her
• Feel results almost immediately
• Regular use promotes permanent tightness
• Includes alum-free Tightening Gel
• Includes Ultra-Hygienic Stainless Steel Kegel Balls in a Velveteen Pouch
• Includes Embrace Tightening Guide Book
• Tightening Gel is a special blend of certified organic extracts and natural capsicum in a water, sunflower and almond oil base

You can feel your PC muscles right now –– just try squeezing those muscles you use to "hold it in" while urinating. They're part of a network of muscle and nerves that hold the key to greater sexual pleasure and health.

Apply the Tightening Gel inside vagina to stimulate and tighten muscles. Gel can be used during intercourse to encourage vaginal orgasms and to put a warm pulsating experience on the penis. This gel is formulated from certified organic ingredients for effectiveness and peace of mind.

Insert the Stainless Steel Kegel Balls to exercise your PC muscles before intercourse. Gently pop them inside the vagina and then tighten up to hold them in –– preferably while walking around your home or apartment. Some partners find this a turn-on, so you can easily make it a part of your foreplay.

The easier it is to hold your Kegel Balls in, the stronger your muscles are. To release, assume a squat position, relax and let gravity help them fall out.

The enclosed booklet tells you everything you need to know about an effective do it yourself program for strengthening your PC muscles.

Women who want to "tone up" pelvic floor muscles should get the Embrace Tightening Pleasure Collection today.

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It's everything I need!   

on August 5, 2014

I really wasn't sure how to go about doing any of this tightening stuff but this kit made it so easy. So last night I used the gel and my husband and I both loved it... Now the tough part is making sure I keep up with the kegel excercises....the guide books makes it easy though. Good luck to everyone that uses this :)
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