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Crazy Girl After Dark Libido Lift

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Make Your Clit Tingle!

Based on an intoxicating blend of rosemary, cinnamon and evening primrose oil, this cream increases blood flow to make your clitoris more sensitive. And it’s laced with potent pheromones to heighten your sexual arousal, making it easier for you to climax.   

Simply squirt the libido lift on your finger and lightly rub it over the clit. You’ll start feeling a warming, vibration-like tingle a few minutes later when the cream starts working.

Crazy Girl After Dark Libido Lift comes in 0.5 ounce bottle with a slide-on lid and pump top. The female enhancement cream is made in the United States. It is water-soluble, latex-friendly and paraben-free. No testing was performed on animals. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive.

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Crazy Girl After Dark

Customer Reviews - Crazy Girl After Dark Libido Lift

great tingling feeling   

Anonymous on June 10, 2015

Loved the arousal from this. The heat from it felt great and didn't spoil oral as it dint have a bad taste!
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