18 Again Vaginal Shrink Cream

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Give Yourself That 1st Time Tightness!

Feel sexier than ever with this rejuvenating tightening cream! Just apply a liberal amount of this scent-free cream to your vaginal walls and opening. In minutes, you'll feel tight and aroused! Plus enjoy increased warmth and sensation to get you right to those sheet-clutching orgasms you crave. Great for sex & masturbation.

•    18+ Again Vaginal Shrink Cream
•    Rejuvenates and enhances your natural tightness
•    Apply liberally to vaginal walls and opening
•    Feel increased tightness, warmth, and sensitivity
•    Wait a few minutes for full activation
•    1.5 oz tube contains dozens of applications

Be tighter than ever, amp your arousal, and enjoy sex more with 18+ Again Vaginal Shrink Cream. This incredible vaginal tightening cream goes on smoothly and makes you feel so sexy! Plus it increases pleasure for you and your lover.

To use 18+ Again Vaginal Shrink Cream, just unscrew the cap and dispense a small amount onto your finger. Then apply the vaginal tightening cream to your lips. Gently massage in. As you begin to feel increased sensation, add more tightening cream to your inner walls. Continue your intimate massage or move on to other foreplay activities.

In just a few minutes, you’ll feel tighter… and both you and your lover will be wowed by the difference! 18+ Again Vaginal Shrink Cream also adds warmth and increases your sensitivity, so as you make love, you’ll feel arousal build like never before!

This vaginal tightening cream feels great when used for sex, but it’s also fun to use solo with your favorite penetrative sex toys.

Get the perfect fit this time and every time with 18+ Again Vaginal Shrink Cream.

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1.5 oz.


Little Genie

Customer Reviews - 18 Again Vaginal Shrink Cream

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on March 2, 2014

doesn't work. even tried it right before and it still felt the same!!!
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