Adam & Eve Extra Strength Marathon Delay Spray

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Maximum Strength For Ultimate Erection Control!

Be a marathon man! Enjoy bigger, harder erections and the longest-lasting sex ever with this maximum strength delay spray. Just spray onto the head and shaft of your penis. Marathon’s special extra-strength benzocaine formula provides gentle numbing and soothes your trigger for bigger, harder, more intense erections that last longer! Results in just 5 minutes. Condom safe.

•    Adam & Eve Extra Strength Marathon Delay Spray
•    2oz no-spill spray bottle
•    Maximum strength erection control & enhancement
•    Formulated with extra benzocaine for maximum stamina and performance
•    Apply 2 to 5 sprays to your head and shaft
•    Works on contact
•    Absorbs fully in just 5 minutes
•    Enough for dozens of applications
•    Latex condom compatible

Dramatically improve your sex life and enjoy your longest-lasting, strongest erections ever with Adam & Eve Extra Strength Marathon Delay Spray. This fast-acting formula gives you safe & effective maximum strength erection control whenever you need it... for those stiff-as-a-board erections and that go-long stamina you crave!

Just apply 2 to 5 sprays of Adam & Eve Extra Strength Marathon Delay Spray directly to the head and shaft of your penis. You’ll feel this delay spray go to work on contact. Allow just 5 minutes for full absorption, then you’re ready for raging results! Enjoy long-lasting, extra-satisfying pleasure sessions again and again.

Adam & Eve Extra Strength Marathon Delay Spray is compatible with latex condoms. For extra-orgasmic results, use this sexual enhancement spray with couples’ sex toys like penis rings or wearable vibrators.

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A&E what did you do this wonderful product?   

on January 3, 2013

I first started using this products years ago and it came in a small aresol spray, that misted nicely, numbed super well and was just a super excellent product. Well got this new stuff, it doesnt mist, its a damn stream, barely numbs at all. Please make this product like the great product it once was.
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