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Soothe Your Bikini Line Naturally!

Say goodbye to shaving and waxing irritation naturally with Dare To Bare Miracle Oil! Blended with natural soothing ingredients like tea tree oil, jojoba, and Vitamin E, just a drop of this miracle oil works on contact to heal, soothe, and moisturize your skin. It even reduces itching as hair grows back. Each 1oz bottle comes with a dropper top for easy post-shave application.

•    Dare To Bare Miracle Oil
•    1oz bottle with dropper top
•    Works fast to heal, soothe, and moisturize
•    Made with 100% natural & essential oils
•    Includes hemp seed oil, tea tree oil, rose hips, and more
•    Recommended for use with Dare To Bare Shave Cream (sold separately)
•    Made in the USA

Make intimate shaving a pleasure with Dare To Bare Miracle Oil. This handy bottle contains a blend of natural and essential oils that go to work fast to soothe irritation, heal skin, banish shaving bumps, and prevent ingrown hairs.

To use, just apply as necessary after an intimate shave. Use a drop or two wherever you feel some irritation, or apply every time directly to areas where you commonly experience irritation. Dare To Bare Miracle Oil blends 8 different types of natural oils for a formula that’s rich in amino acids and moisturizers—plus hemp seed oil, a naturally antiseptic oil that’s uniquely suited to calming and soothing inflammation.

In just a few shaves followed by Dare To Bare Miracle Oil, you’ll feel dramatically softer skin and much less irritation. Use every time you shave, or keep in reserve to calm irritation as necessary. Each 1oz bottle is enough for dozens of applications.

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