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Your Coochy Will Coo!

From The Makers Of Coochy!

When you’re newly bare down there, give your sensitive skin a puff of powerful powder protection!  Apply this softly lavender-scented powder after an intimate shave to absorb moisture, reduce friction, banish itch, and leave you feeling clean, dry, and confident!  Includes skin-softening aloe for a soothing finish.

This feminine aftershave powder is from the makers of Coochy Products.  At Coochy, they know exactly how to care for your most intimate areas.  Start your shave off right with Coochy Intimate Shave Cream!  This shaving cream is specially formulated with lanolin to protect and soothe your intimate skin.  Apply liberally during your shave and say goodbye to bumps and rashes!  Once you’re satisfied with your shave, finish it off with a freshening puff of Coochy Aftershave Powder! 

You can also use Coochy Shaving Cream and Coochy Aftershave Powder on your legs, underarms, or any sensitive area! 

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