Intimate Organics Relaxing Oil

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Intimate Organics Relaxing Oil Features


For A Mouthwatering Massage Experience!

Made With Certified Organic Extracts!
Pure Vegan!

Pop open the cap and drizzle a few drops on your lover’s skin, or warm the oil between your palms first for an extra-sensual massage experience. Immediately you’ll take in the rich, delicious scents of sensual cocoa and goji berry, relaxing lemongrass and coconut, or energizing orange and ginger – don’t be surprised if you both end up moaning in pleasure!

• Light, richly-fragranced massage oil
• Choose sensual, relaxing, or energizing massage oils
• Sensual Massage Oil: seduces with aloe, cocoa, and goji berry
• Relaxing Massage Oil: releases tension with aloe, lemongrass, and coconut
• Energizing Massage Oil: renews and invigorates with aloe, orange, and ginger root
• Made with certified organic extracts
• Paraben & DEA free
• Pure vegan
• Naturally derived
• 4 oz. bottle

Words don’t do justice to the delicious scents of these multi-layered aromatherapy massage oils by Intimate Organics. When you open a bottle, you’ll be instantly transported by each fragrance. And since these massage oils are all natural, you can enjoy as much of their silky-richness as you like.

The Sensual Massage Oil’s cocoa richness is nicely complemented by the light, sweet scent of exotic goji berry, and the resulting blend will tease and tantalize you and your lover’s senses.

Choose the Relaxing Massage Oil to release stress and melt away tension. Just massage into aching muscles to relax with soothing aloe, and refresh your senses with calming lemongrass and coconut scents.

Or refresh and renew with Energizing Massage Oil. A spicy blend of aloe, orange, and ginger root extracts perks you up and refreshes your body – getting you both ready for other intimate activities.

Choose one kind of massage oil by Intimate Organics, or try them all! Since Intimate Organics uses only naturally derived vegan ingredients and certified organic extracts, you’ll always get a premium massage oil that’s 100% safe, natural, and responsible.

Make your next sensual massage unforgettable with Intimate Organics Relaxing Oil!


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Smells and feels fantastic!   

ashley2904 on February 13, 2014

This stuff is awesome! It smells wonderful, not sticky at all, and glides right on. Also doesn't have a bad taste should you happen to lick a part that has the oil on it :)
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on March 2, 2014

Great product
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best is Relaxing, I can't live without!   

on July 6, 2014

This is truly the most stress relieving, relaxing, therapeutic massage oil. It relaxes the whole body, smells amazing, actually helps you to fall asleep. It's not for just an intimate massage, it's for any massage as it's properties and scents have something really special. I put it on around my neck and chest and upper arms to help relax me right before sleep as well.
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