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Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil

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Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil
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Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil  
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Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil

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Create An Intimate Setting And Lose Inhibitions!

Made with certified organic extracts!

Nothing creates a relaxed, sensual mood better than stripping down to a massage. Whether it's mutual or one of you takes the lead as head masseur, just turn down the lights, put on some soft music and let your fingers do the walking.

Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil contains certified organic extracts and natural oils derived from ingredients like sunflower oil, sweet almond oil and coconut oil. These oils are safe to use on sensitive skin and are absorbed more easily.

Choose from these luxurious scents:

•    "Awake" Black Pepper & Grapefruit. Awakens your senses with the stimulating spice of Black Pepper and the sunny fragrance of citrus-y Pink Grapefruit. Ideal for an invigorating rub down after a long day.

•    "Bloom" Peony Blush. Luxuriate in the floral ambience of Peony. Return to the garden as sweet blossoms caress your naked body. Breathe in Bloom and feel negativity slip away.

•    "Chai" Vanilla Chai. This full-bodied scent seduces both of you with waves of vanilla, sweet almond, sunflower and coconut. Perfect for relaxation and re-energizing.

•    “Relax” Lemongrass & Coconut. Transport your senses to a tropical beach as the exotic and sweet aromas of coconut and lemongrass transform your massage into an escape.

•    “Energize” Fresh Orange and Wild Ginger.Helps to lift your spirits, relax your muscles, and renew your vigor

•    “Almond” Honey & Almond. Fresh, clean, and comforting, this aroma soothes the skin and lifts your spirits for full-body rejuvenation and relaxation.

•    “Grass” Fresh Cut Grass. This sexy, earthy aroma ignites your wild side with the scent of fresh cut grass. Don’t be surprised if you can’t keep your hands off each other.

•    “Naked” Unscented. Make your intimate massage the focus with this ultra slick unscented massage oil. Great for sensitive skin.

•    "Sensual" Cocoa Bean & Goji Berry. Wake up to totally indulgent seduction. With notes of chocolate and a delicious spicy fruitiness, this oil is sure to awaken your hunger for more.

A little Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil goes a long way. First-time users should try a few drops at a time on fingertips, then rub into your partner's shoulders, back, legs –– anywhere!

Because it's made with organic extracts, Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil gives you piece of mind in such an intimate setting. Each flip top bottle of Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil is:

•    Paraben free
•    DEA free
•    Naturally derived
•    Pure vegan

Once you've enjoyed Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil, make it a regular thing –– schedule massage with your partner, put it on both your calendars!

Make your next massage unforgettable with Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil.

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Customer Reviews

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Something you want To know about the Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil?ask a question

Here's a list of the questions other shoppers have asked owners of the Intimate Organics Aromatherapy Massage Oil

  1. Marquita asked on
    In time will breast get bigger?
    1. ERIN replied on
      No. It's just massage oil.
  2. Janet asked on
    Can you taste it?
    1. Willow replied on
      Customer Service Adam & Eve
      It is not recommended for consumption. You can apply the lube let it dry and wipe off the excess before oral sex.
  3. Rey asked on
    How many ounces?
    1. ALLEN replied on
      4 ounces.
  4. bruce asked on
    is this massage oil the real slimy one in porn flicks
    1. DANIEL replied on
      no this is an actual massage oil not a lubricant although it could be used as one
  5. S asked on
    Is it safe to use with condom?
    1. Willow replied on
      Customer Service Adam & Eve
      You can not use with a condom.
  6. Patrice asked on
    I'm allergic to almonds. Does the chai flavor have almond oil in it?
    1. Wolf replied on
      I can't answer this exactly since I only purchased the bloom peony blush,but that one definitely has almonds I'm it. It is listed as the top ingredient. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.
    2. WILL replied on
      Hey! If you're allergic to almonds you should definitely AVOID the Vanilla Chai Massage Oil. The first ingredient listed is Prunes Amygdalus Dulcis (sweet almond) Oil.
  7. Bobby asked on
    Is this edible
    1. ROBERT replied on
      Yes it is
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