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Men: Keep Your Boys Happy –– And Ready For Action!

Some say life is like baseball –– but not when it comes to your itchy balls!

On the mound, it's okay to scratch the fellers when they get hot 'n' bothered, but off the field you need something to soothe 'em –– and protect them, too!

Max Protect Balls n All Moisture Control Balm applies like a liquid, then becomes powdery, soothing and sensational. Its ingredients include attractant pheromones to lure sexy hot bodies your way!

Formulated for your balls' unique environment, Max Protect Balls n All Moisture Control Balm will keep them dry and less likely to feel irritated, whether you shave your privates or not!

And when company comes, roll out your stones with masculine confidence, because they'll feel and smell great, too! And those pheromones help your ball handler's attitude –– she'll play with your bat through the seventh inning stretch. Your love life will be a home-run every time.

Now that's something you won't hear on cable-tv.

Specifically designed for a man to protect his Balls n All!

• Applies like a liquid, dries to a powder
• Silky smooth sensation
• Maximum moisture control
• Pheromone infused to attract
• Superior post shave protection
• Odor free
• Flip top cap
• 2 ounce tube lasts a long time

As you've probably heard by now, pheromones are nature's way of attracting the opposite sex to you –– silently, wordlessly –– and keep them near by!

Whether you're swinging a real baseball bat or prepping for an intimate twi-night double-header with someone special, get ready and be prepared to perform like a champ with Max Protect Balls n All Moisture Control Balm.

Adam & Eve recommends Max Protect Balls n All Moisture Control Balm for players at all levels, pro, amateur and intermediate.

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Classic Erotica

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Smooth and silky   

on October 9, 2013

You will love this stuff. Makes your balls smooth and silky and drives the women wild
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