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Vaginal Pump

What are Clit and Vaginal Pumps?

Men have had a monopoly on pumping toys for decades, but that’s starting to change with the women’s pumps. Women’s pumps come in two varieties: small clit pumps that focus on her joy buzzer and larger vaginal pumps that encompass everything.

Clit and vaginal pumps essentially work just like a penis pump. The pumps generate a vacuum that pulls extra blood into your body. The extra blood makes your clit or vagina grow larger. Pumping makes your clit stand out more for easier stimulation, while giving your entire vagina a “puffy” look similar to sexual arousal.

Some women claim that clit and vaginal pumps increase their sensitivity, leading to more intense orgasms. Some women also report that pumping helps tighten their vaginas for a fuller feeling during sex.

Although clit and vaginal pumps have a lot in common, there is one big difference between them… and that’s size. Clit pumps are naturally much smaller. They look similar to a scaled-down penis pump with a cylinder-shaped tube that’s about an inch wide and three or four inches long. Vaginal pumps are much larger with a large bowl or facemask-shaped tube to fit around your entire vagina. 

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