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The winter storm that buried North Carolina and other parts of the South under several inches of snow this weekend led to a big spike in sex toy sales. Find out which states experienced the biggest spike, including one that hit 127%! 

Sex Toy Sales Spike During Winter Storm

Sex Toy Sales Spike During Snowstorms

What happens when you're snowed in all weekend with nothing else to do?

A lot of people start buying sex toys. saw a huge spike in sales this weekend due to Winter Storm Helena. The storm hit the South particularly hard, leaving many roads impassable and people stuck at home. North Carolina and Delaware were two of the heaviest hit states with both recieving more than a foot of snow in places. No wonder sex toy sales skyrocketed by over 100% in both states! 

On average, sex toy sales increased 37% in the states most impacted by Helena, as determined by The Weather Channel. These states saw an average snowfall of 9 inches. That works out to be a 4.1% increase in sex toy sales for every inch of snow!

Sex Toy Sales Spike During Snowstorms
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