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Get the inside scoop on our newest sex toys. This suspender-style harness is more comfortable than regular strap-on harnesses and provides more support as well. It also comes with a 10-inch long hollow dildo, making it great for shorter guys or men with ED.

Toy of the Week: Hollow Strap-On Suspender System

Hollow Strap-On Suspender System

If you prefer suspenders to belts, than you'll love this new strap-on harness!

The Hollow Strap-On Suspender System relies on shoulder straps instead of a more traditional waist belt. These suspenders fit more easily than a belt, and they support the strap-on dildo much more effectively. This allows you to use bigger dildos than usual with your strap on harness! 

The Strap-On Suspender System comes with a massive 10-inch long hollow dildo. While strap-ons are traditionally made for women to wear, the hollow dildo makes it suitable for guys as well. The hollow toy accomodates guys who have ED or just want to experience what it's like to have a 10 incher! 

Learn More About the Hollow Strap-On Suspender System.

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