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 Adam & Eve Serves-Up Several Sexy Selections With Lover’S Choice

In the high-stakes game of life, wide-eyed waitress Dominica Leoni finds that some of the most lucrative rewards lie behind every tantalizing plot twist. Every lover has a choice in Adam & Eve’s latest big-budget release, Lover’s Choice. Fortunately, Dominica Leoni and Cheyne Collins choose a hot and steamy tangle of tawdry times after a bartender friend buys them drinks. Dominica demonstrates her exotic abilities to entertain Cheyne’s titanic talent, then takes two shots of his pure pleasure to the tummy! Julian and Olivia Del Rio realize the only way to play is while on display. The pair lathers one another’s body in a cleansing shower before Olivia decides to deep-clean Julian’s pipeline. In some serious doggystyle drilling, the couple enjoys a cornucopia of sexual fantasies fulfilled before Julian spreads his love across Del Rio’s ready face! And when Jesse V and Dale DaBone decide to dabble in love, things get heated in a heavenly exchange of dicklicious debauchery! Jesse V leaves her inhibitions at home and takes Dale’s massive manhood inside of her before he shoots his load on her lucky bum. Lover’s Choice is a mischievous mix of loving sex sessions and no-holes-barred passion that is sure rile-up your randy ‘relations’! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262, cledford@adameve.com

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