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 Adam & Eve Will Test Your Limits With Extreme Behavior 2

When you take a dive into the daring world of sexual excess, it’s sometimes difficult to decide which babe you’d like to bag. Luckily, Adam & Eve provides you plenty of poon play in their latest vignette tape, Extreme Behavior 2, from the mind of award-winning director Toni English. A session of spy games is just the thing to make Voodoo’s body rise, rise, rise as he puts his heavy-duty equipment on heightened alert. Nicole Sheridan and Aria have their man just where they want him – all tied up. When they squirt him with their water guns, he prepares his own high-powered super soaker to quench their thirst for his homemade goodness. The three way meat-ing ends as the girls make Voodoo take their savory sin sap on the chin. Later, Julian is surprised as Asian delight Kaylani Lei delivers plenty of longtime loving to his door. The two dabble in some tattoo art before taking on each others top-notch touching. Kaylani gets on her knees, then prepares to please as she fondles Julian’s jewels before a bit of far-out fellatio! It all ends as he pulls out to pop on her milky white mammaries. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, a scene of lesbiantic lust cums along to ensure you’ll blow your load. Lena Ramon and Dominica Leoni are engaged in a game of arachnid acrobatics. In one amazing scene, Lena unwraps the ties that bind Dominica before the two take a tumble into some high-speed T-N-A action! You’ll fall in love with the forbidden fruit Adam & Eve has to offer in Extreme Behavior 2. For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262, cledford@adameve.com

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