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 Adam & Eve Presents Naked Hollywood 22 –When The Hardest Thing To Say Is Goodbye

One of the hardest things to say to a close friend is goodbye – especially if it’s on bad terms; no one wants to hurt a person that he or she has cared for dearly. The gals in Naked Hollywood go the extra mile to salvage their relationships before there are plenty of miles separating them in Adam & Eve Productions’ Naked Hollywood: Goodbye – AVN Award winner for Best Video Series. Annie (Dee) and Tori (Asia Carrera) can’t seem to clear up the complicated details of their relationships with Justin (Randy Spears). With a wedge between them, the two talk only when necessary and it’s driving Lindsey (Nina Hartley) and Monica (Keri Windsor) crazy! To bring them back together, Lindsey plans a party to celebrate her new job in New York City. But before she can come together with friends, she needs to have her own cumming together with ex Evan Stone. They patch old feelings, then feel up on each other in a heated sex session until both are satisfied. Annie doesn’t know if she wants to attend the party, since Tori will be there as well. She invites a friend over to talk about it, but then ends up face first in her lovely lady friend’s fantastic folds. Afterwards, Annie calls Tori to mend their friendship, but to no avail. Tori quickly tells her that she’s moving and doesn’t have time to tend to the details of their friendship. Finally, when Lindsey holds her fabulous soiree, everyone has a chance to talk and mend their broken relationships. To celebrate, Monica (Keri Windsor) and Tori take on two of the partygoers in their own private gatherings. In Naked Hollywood, when good things must cum to an end, friendships are fortified and lovers united. For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262,

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