Adam & Eve And Fallen Angel Present A Host Of Heavenly Bodies In Amateur Angels 12

Adam & Eve and Fallen Angel are back with another talented selection of rousing rookies with Amateur Angels 12. These girls earn their wings by balancing many a hot cock – it’s a XXX triathlon which could’ve only been conjured by divine inspiration! Sabrina’s an athletic angel with a naughty need for nookie! She (Sabrina Snow) plays many sports, but it’s probably her demanding drive for action that keeps this heavenly ho in top form! Watch as she demonstrates her ability to take her catch (Steve Hatcher) down the hatch, then readies herself for the good things to cum! A Chicago native, Lana Moore has two scoops of milky white mammaries that are eager to take on the titan member of one Evan Stone. See Moore’s carnal command for copulation get the best of her as she dishes out some doggystyle drilling! Watch as she takes it on the chest, then all the rest! And, if you can take the heat, you’ll want to stay in this kitchen! Watch as Ramona Luv’s fiery Latina lust cooks up a huge helping of some far-out fellatio! Danny Dukes leaves more than enough tip for services rendered, as he gives 100% of his grateful gratuity to his most helpful host – it’s a facial finale that can’t be missed! The first class freshmen of Amateur Angels 12 are ready ignite you’re your passion for pure pleasure! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262, cledford@adameve.com

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