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 Adam & Eve Uncovers Your Wildest Desires With Total Exposure

Everyone has a fantasy they want fulfilled – Adam & Eve and award-winning director Nick Orleans have teamed up together to bring you seven of the hottest scenes on the planet! Total Exposure is a revealing look at the wide world of double penetrations, interracial sex, food eroticism, female squirting, nylon and more! In the first vignette, we see Kelly Steele engaging in every woman’s dream – she warms up with a heavy-duty dildo, readying her rear for red-hot action! When Rafe and Hamilton Steele arrive, she can’t help having at a huge, double helping of mighty, man meat! With both holes filled to capacity, Kelly proves she can make the most of a cunt-tankerous situation! When watering holes collide, women squirt! See a spectacular display of lesbiantics as Holly Hollywood and Kylie Wilde weave each other into a web of pure poonfoolery! After they take on each other’s titan toys, the gals gush with girlish delight! When Mia Smiles moves in on Chris Cannon, she proves to be a sweet treat! After a little teasing, Chris takes his time licking a collection of candies from Mia’s naughty nether porters. It’s a bar side ball-draining that beats any Asian action to date! Reveal your wicked, wild side with Total Exposure. For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262,

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