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 Adam & Eve Invites You To Satiate Your Thirst For Hot Action With Wet Fantasies

The mind is a very curious thing, full of hidden fantasies and stories untold. Adam & Eve attempts to blast through the boundaries blocking those salacious secrets to reveal their erotic revelations with Wet Fantasies. Dr. Samantha Jones (Monica Mayhem) is a studious researcher in the field of sexuality. When she receives a grant to begin delving into the deep, dark secrets of others, she discovers that she has a tremendous thirst for hot cock, which has long since been satiated. Listening to the lascivious desires of a loner librarian (Brooke Hunter), Dr. Jones comes to understand her innermost urges. The lusty librarian dreams of playing the part of a puissant prostitute who seduces any hapless hunk (Don Hollywood). Hearing her tale of anal encounters leaves the doctor a bit bewitched. Dr. Jones’ colleague, Dr. Smartz (Joel Lawrence), wants to watch the next tantalizing tale be told. When a clumsy construction worker details his desire to be a suave slab of beefcake, enticing an ebony enchantress (Dee) to mess around with his man monkey, Dr. Smartz begins to yearn for Dr. Jones’ sweet backside. Once they’re left alone, the doctors decide to draft a powerful prescription for poon plowing and dicklicious debauchery. With Wet Fantasies, you’ll never be left high and dry! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262, cledford@adameve.com

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