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 Adam & Eve And Ultimate Pictures Invite You To Unveil Your Hidden Fantasies With Behind The Mask

Adam & Eve and Ultimate Pictures are pleased to present Behind the Mask, the story of an elite society that has some pretty stringent standards for entry. If you’re lucky enough to matriculate into this masked menagerie, you’d better be prepared for titillating times! Lillian Sanchez (Melody) is an investigative reporter who’s trying to tap into a top story. Kirk Hasell (Steven St. Croix) is a polished P.I. who’s had his fill of tall tales. When Sanchez hires Hasell to help her clear up some confounding clues, things get heated! When Lillian snags an interview with Andrew Fever (Cheyne Collins), a top suspect, she keeps questioning his curious choker. When he offers to let her try it on, she’s overcome with primal passion and passes her hand under his shirt, then reveals his welcoming willy. She quickly straddles a bench and takes his every inch! Kirk decides to do a little detective work, which leads him to the Tailor’s (Cherokee and Steve Holmes) house. They’re a cute couple who like to leave a little legroom in their bed; they bring Kirk into an enticing love triangle that’s too tawdry to turn away from. Mrs. Tailor hops onto the kitchen counter, does a split, then takes it in the slit! After all of her hard work, Lillian has a hunch to investigate a midnight social at a local mansion. When she opens the door, she sees hidden faces doing the naughty in several places. She’s overcome with sexual energy and must indulge in the evening’s forbidden activities. Behind the Mask is a revealing look into a world of total sexual submission! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262,

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