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 Adam & Eve Presents Naked Hollywood 19 –Where Everything Old Is New Again!

New is good, but sometimes old is better – at least that’s Lindsey’s theory! In this latest installment of Adam & Eve Productions’ Naked Hollywood, Happy Birthday, Baby, new experiences are explored and old relationships revisited! Lindsey (Nina Hartley) receives a call from listener who’s questioning whether she can feel sexy after her upcoming 30th birthday; since she’s about to turn 40, Lindsey takes this call to heart and begins to question her own ability to feel attractive. Tori (Asia Carrera) tries to tempt Lindsey and the girls with cake that’s sure to go straight to their hips – one slab of all-man beefcake whose titan talent could rack-up some serious pounds on the girls’ backsides. Tori samples his flavor before the night is out! Annie (Dee) and Monica (Keri Windsor) think Lindsey should try something new for her 40th, so they take her to a nightclub where nothing is left to the imagination – Voodoo, TJ Hart and Chris Cannon bare it all before burnin’ up some rubbers! It all proves to be a drag for Lindsey, who takes her leave shortly after the festivities begin. When she gets home, Steven (Evan Stone) decides to drop-in for a fashion show – on the runway, a pair of birthday suits knockin’ the boots! Be careful what you wish for in Naked Hollywood! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262,

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