Adam & Eve Presents Naked Hollywood 18: Real Life – When People Stop Being Uptight And Start Copping A Feel!

This is the story of four beautiful women who like to pickup strangers – find out what happens when they stop being uptight and start copping a feel in Adam & Eve Productions’ latest episode of Naked Hollywood. Lindsey (Nina Hartley) is a popular sex radio talk show host who has it all – except a movie based on her life. When a film producer (Jay Crew) approaches her with the idea, she’s so excited she gives it to him in high definition doggystyle fashion – earning their session a rating of TV-T.O.T.A. (Totally Over the Top Action!). Tori (Asia Carrera) gets the girls on set for the shoot, but soon they all discover that Lindsey’s life will be living large XXX style– cumming to a theater near you! Sunset Thomas plays Lindsey in the unauthorized biography – she’s a talented actress who takes pride in her pole polishing work. Eric Price gives her an A+ on her abilities, and then takes top-heavy Thomas for a desktop drilling! When the foursome flees the set, Annie (Dee) forgets her handbag. Luckily, extra Kristal Summers carries the clutch to her apartment – then accepts a reward of some passionate penetration when Annie loses her vibe in Kristal’s hot box! The real world may be a battle of the sexes, but in Naked Hollywood everyone cums together for a good time! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262, cledford@adameve.com

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