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 Adam & Eve And Ultimate Pictures Invite You Into The World Of Fast Cars And Even Faster Women With Hot Rods

Adam & Eve and Ultimate Pictures are pleased to present HOT RODS, the story of red-hot racing and the horny harlots who like to have-at-it when these gentlemen get their engines started! Jade (Sharon Wild) is a biker babe with a bodacious body – and a shady side-job! She’s an erotic entrepreneur who likes to get the most bang for her buck – buying stolen auto parts from a seedy salesman (Steve Holmes), but not before getting a heavy discount with her powers of puss-suasion -- she rides his stick shift to a facial finale in XXX overtime! Calendar girls Jesse V and Ashley Long take a break from their scintillating shoot to help friends Ferrara and Joey Ray deep-clean their dipsticks – licking up and down and all around until they’ve polished their friends’ poles to a creamy finish. When Detective Hayward (Cheyne Collins) spots Jade in the body shop, things get heated! She sees he’s on duty, but can’t resist the urge to strip-search him – calling a citizen’s arrest on hot cock! Her doggy-style drilling deters his drive to put her out of business. In the world of racing, only the HOT RODS have it all! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262,

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