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 Adam & Eve Gives New Meaning To The Term Neighborhood Watch With Secret Suburban Sex Parties!

Like a good neighbor, Adam & Eve Productions is there to bring you all the action! Their latest release – SECRET SUBURBAN SEX PARTIES – is a tantalizing twist on life in suburbia, where you’re always in someone’s good hands! Anna Mills is a birthday gal who’d rather give than receive – she offers up her man to a bevy of beauties (Krystal, Saphire, & Ashly More) who unwrap his package and expose his extraordinarily magnanimous manhood – each taking their turn with his mammoth gift! When Honey has a home lingerie party, all the neighbors (Koko, Adara Star, Cherokee, & Olivia Saint) need to know how her knockout knockers look and feel – she shows her breast, then ALL the rest, before breaking-out her big bag of sex toys – giving all her guests a sampling of her delicious door prize! Some of the naughty neighbors in this film like looking at the menu before they sample the flavor! Ann Marie invites friends Cindy Crawford and Melanie Jagger over to her place for some top-notch T&A striptease action. When Steven St. Croix stops by, the girls invite him to unlock both their front and backdoors in an ass-tastic display of dick-licious debauchery! The girls in Secret Suburban Sex Parties want to share their secrets with YOU! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262, cledford@adameve.com

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