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 Adameve.Com Finds Favorite Masturbation Locations

For Immediate Release Hillsborough, NC — AdamAndEve.com (http://adameve.com/news), America’s most trusted source for adult products, has never been afraid to ask the tough questions when it comes to all things sex-related. This month’s survey gets to the bottom of Americans’ masturbation habits to find that most (63%) enjoy their solo time in the bedroom… but some take matters into their own hands at work or in the car! While masturbation is seldom talked about, Adam & Eve asked over 1,000 American adults where else they choose to partake in “private time.” Adults chose “the shower” (32%), followed by “in front of the computer” (23%), “living room” (9%), “in the car” (2%), and “kitchen” or “at work” (1% each). Dr. Kat Van Kirk, Adam & Eve’s resident sex expert, finds these results the norm. “Sometimes private time can be hard to come by. While I always stress the importance of masturbation as a big part of sexual health, I do want to encourage adults to be responsible. Masturbating at the office or while driving is never a good idea.” Adam & Eve director of marketing Chad Davis concurs. “Adam & Eve cannot stress ‘safety first’ enough. We’re glad people are willing to share this information about their sexual habits… but let’s keep both hands on the wheel, please!” The web-based survey, conducted by an independent third party survey company, of over 1,000 American adults age 18 and up, was sponsored by Adam & Eve to study sexual preferences and practices. "Sex Chat with Dr. Kat" and “Daily Sex Tips from Hawaii” can be found on podcasts through iTunes or www.drkat.com. For more information about Adam & Eve, visit their website at http://www.adamandeve.com/news. For additional information on Adam & Eve, please contact Adam & Eve Director of Public Relations Katy Zvolerin at 919.644.8100 x 3121 or katy@adameve.com.

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