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 Adam & Eve Sales Remain Strong In First Quarter Of 2008

[HILLSBOROUGH], N.C. -- [Adam & Eve], America's largest retailer for adult entertainment, is pleased to announce sales have remained strong through the first quarter of 2008! Despite a downward economic turn for many businesses even adult, [Adam & Eve] sales remain strong and stable through March 2008. "Sales are up 7% over 2006," said Chad Davis, Marketing Director for [Adam & Eve]. "Because 2007 was a record-breaking year for us, we don't expect to top those numbers, but we have been more than pleased with our sales to date."

With more than 10 million satisfied customers and over 35 years in business, [Adam & Eve] continues to raise the bar in adult entertainment and sales. "We are confident that this sales trend will continue through 2008," says Davis. "We consistently improve our multi-channel marketing efforts and this has allowed us to not experience some of the downward trends other businesses have experienced."

Jennifer Alberry, Director of Internet Marketing for adamandeve.com (http://www. adamandeve.com) agrees. "Our search engine optimization has improved, which has led to a double digit increase in natural search sales. We continue to see an increase in adult toys sales, which has decreased the impact of lower [DVD] sales. "Traditionally, adult entertainment has been called a 'recession-proof' industry. However, with the current political and economic climate, many adult retailers are scaling back."

"We've been through ups and downs in our 35-plus year existence," continues Davis. "[Adam & Eve] was America's first adult source. We feel confident we will continue to grow!"

For more information on [Adam & Eve] and adamandeve.com, please contact [Adam & Eve] Director of Public Relations, Katy Zvolerin at 919.644.8100 x 3121 or katy@adameve.com.