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 Adam & Eve Continues Record Sales!

For Immediate Release

Adam & Eve, America’s number one source for all things erotic, is pleased to announce its premiere website, www.adameve.com ,has continued to increase its record sales weeks!

“After a record-breaking spring and summer, our numbers have just kept climbing,” says Jennifer Alberry, Director of Internet Marketing for adameve.com. “Compared to the third quarter of 2005, our revenue is up over 50%. Orders are up over 45% and our new customers are up 67%.”

“Adam & Eve’s website is experiencing significant growth every quarter,” Alberry continues. She attributes this to a major site redesign, marketing adameve.com on space ads, a personalized approach to email marketing and better search marketing.

”Our site redesign gives our customers larger product pictures, a sophisticated checkout process, a buyers’ guide and more products to choose from,” says Alberry. “And our new home page shows customers our newest offers on the site plus a strong statement about why to shop at adameve.com.”

”Our search marketing exposure has increased largely due to an increased focus and dedication internally along with adding thousands of new search terms. We’ve also customized our email marketing program to the next level so customers receive highly targeted messages relevant to their past buying habits and to our current promotions.”

“At last count, we had over 10 million satisfied customers,” said Alberry. “Our goal has always been to keep couples together, to give women permission for pleasure and to make sex a positive experience for everyone involved. With numbers like these, I feel confident in saying we are doing something right.”

Adam & Eve offers a wide variety of lingerie, novelties, games, lotions and DVDs for adults. For more information, please visit www.adameve.com or contact Director of Public Relations Katy Zvolerin at katy@adameve.com or 919.644.8100 x 3121.