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 Adam & Eve Productions And Director Nick Orleans Invite You To "Return To The Edge!"

With 23 stars, 7 unbelievable scenes, and over 2 full hours… Adam & Eve Productions and Director Nick Orleans are proud to present the long-awaited sequel to "The Edge" with RETURN TO THE EDGE! Gorgeous Monica Mayhem helps her friend Steve get back into the dating game –– and break every "proper" rule about sex! Their private limo has a female chauffeur with no pants and a bald box. At a party, things get wet when one horny brunette squirts from her g-spot. Meanwhile, curvaceous Calli Cox keeps it all festive by blowing her male guests and smoking her favorite French cigarettes –– simultaneously! Smoke swirls seductively around each hard-on –– and each one erupts to help put her fire out… Then don't miss "The House Of Ass" where the ladies line their cheeks up for approval. Discover blonde Monica’s private gloryhole, where she's blindfolded to see if she can tell which cock is which by sucking. In the next room, Zana spills her drink, only to have it licked off. She'll be riding a strap-on with her ass while her sweet slot churns cock inside it — all before dawn! A week later, things get even stranger when a bizarre costume party finds "Mona Lisa" giving a spine-tingling blowjob, and Steven gets into a wild domestic arrangement with THREE beautiful women in constant arousal for anal sex. Yes, he's returned to the EDGE, and he's staying this time!

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