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 Adam &Amp; Eve And Ultimate Pictures Dish-Out A Dose Of High-Class Loving With Duchess

Adam &amp; Eve and Ultimate Pictures present DUCHESS, the tale of a woman who has it all -- money, beauty, and a fleet of male servants longing to satisfy her every salacious desire!<BR><BR>When Holly Hollywood decides to throw a midday party at her mansion, guest Cameron's hunt for horny men brings butlers Anthony Hardwood and Randy Spears into a tantalizing love triangle where everyone gets "full service."<BR><BR>Meanwhile, the busty babes (Laurie Wallace &amp; Natasha Dolling) who tidy the house can't seem to keep track of their toiletries -- or their tops! When one of the gals loses her soap in the tub, the other discovers a huge dildo -- they spray each other off before working themselves into a wet and creamy lather. <BR><BR>What about the host of the party? Holly Hollywood plants her lips on gardener Steven St. Croix's cock -- growing it eight inches before telling him how to please her very permissive pleasure bush before her husband arrives home. <BR><BR>With DUCHESS, everyone gets the royal treatment!<BR><BR>For more information, contact:<BR>• Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262, cledford@adameve.com<BR>

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