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 Adam &Amp; Eve Explains Why Everyone Cums To Hollywood To Make ‘It’ In The Neighborhood With Hollywood G

<P>Who says great things don’t happen to good people? In <BR>Adam &amp; Eve’s newest release, Hollywood Guru, a sexual healer is taken in by a good samaritan – that’s when passions erupt and bodies collide in a full-on fiesta of fantasies fulfilled!<BR><BR>Shot in HDTV, this video explores how one sexual healer’s (Steven St. Croix) words of wisdom lead couples, and himself, into a corporal collection of steamy sexual encounters!<BR><BR>When Lauren Phoenix is inspired to take hold of her love life, Randy Spears receives her newfound, erotic epiphany on his welcoming willy. In an exciting 69, the two are treated to some incredible, over-achieving oral action! Then, Lauren lets Randy lube her feet with his own special, man-made formula. <BR><BR>Steven St. Croix hits a bit of luck when two lusty lookers run into some car troubles. When he repairs their car, the two fix him up with their gorgeous galpal Giselle. The newly-introduced pair immediately engages in intriguingly provocative intercourse! <BR><BR>And when Tony Sexton and Taylor Lynn arrive at a poolside party, Taylor signals her deep desire for Tony’s poon-plowing pole to be inside of her. As the two teeter on the pool’s edge, Taylor can’t help but scream for Tony’s delicious cream! <BR><BR>Let the Hollywood Guru guide your sex life towards the path of electric ecstasy!<BR><BR>For more information, contact:<BR>• Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262, cledford@adameve.com</P>

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