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 Adam & Eve Pictures Presents Over 30 And Dirty

Just like a fine wine, the experienced ladies of Adam & Eve’s Over 30 and Dirty have only gotten better with age! Won’t you sample the mad skills that only time (and practice) could impart on these worn-in women? Victoria’s a vivacious vixen who knows what she wants – a hot, young man to satisfy her every desire! Playing pool, this curvy diva does what any healthy woman would – seduce the male talent. The two straddle the pool table in a bull busting explosion of good, clean fun! And Mandy Bright is bad when it comes to handy work – that’s why she hires a plumber to come fix her leaky tap. What this plumber doesn’t know is that he’s the one who’s about to have his pipes cleaned! Then, Lisa Sparxxx sprinkles her conversation with clues that she’s ready and willing to be tipped from her hair salon’s customer. The patron ponies-up the dick and distributes a fast and furious fucking as the Lisa is worked in a wet and creamy lather! With the women of Over 30 and Dirty, you’re sure to be wowed as they just take a lickin’ and keep on dickin’! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262, cledford@adameve.com

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