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 Adam & Eve Pictures Presents Pussy Worship - Directed By Garry Gazzman

Get on your knees and worship at the shrine of snatch! Adam & Eve Pictures is very pleased to present its latest feature, Pussy Worship, starring European “it” girl, Lucy Lee! In this movie, you’ll see some of the hottest, new talent in today’s triple-X market. All of these pussies are tight, and just right for the plunderin’! Jane Darling and Angela Dark do a strip-tease before diving face-first into one another’s savory, sweet snatch. Then, it’s time to prove there’s no room for the boys with the girls’ bigass toys! Jane takes a big, blue delivery to both her front and back doors before bumping puss with some Dark meat! From there, we’re taken on a private tour of a European mansion’s poolside surprise – a bevy of beauties who can’t seem to control their fingers, toes – hell, anything goes! You’ll see a glass dildo disappear into the rear of one Claudia Rossi, revealing the inner dominatrix of Sarah Blue. And then, Lea De Mae lays it on Sunny, as the two embark on a few S&M surprises in the kitchen. What’s cookin’ is a heapin’ helpin’ of probing fingers and hungry tongues! All hail the Glory of the Gash! The girl-on-girl action in Pussy Worship will have even the most skeptical critic screaming HALLELUJA as the almighty orgasm brings him to the Delta of Venus! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262,

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