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 Adam & Eve And Ultimate Pictures Present At Your Service

Chester (Randy Spears) never was a popular guy, but as the handyman for a house full of luscious ladies, his popularity is rising. Forget the leaky toilets and squeaky hinges, Chester’s to-do list is jammed with a half dozen pussies to please in Adam & Eve’s latest, At Your Service. After a morning full of household chores, Chester still has a whole lot to do. But, he’s sidetracked by one of the house’s aspiring actresses, Terry Summers. She tells him of her sexual encounter by the pool with a fellow actor, Cheyne Collins. A little rehearsing lead to a load of sticky goodness all over her knockout knockers! Then, his boss (Lauren Phoenix) starts to drill him for information. When she finds that well dry, she begins to pump his cock up for a ride on the wicked side! But, as the two screw, they’re discovered by Terry Summers. The whole situation makes Chester uncomfortable, so when he’s pressed about the story from friend Kristie Lee, he quickly changes the subject to her relationship. You see, Kristie Lee has a man (Dale DaBone) who knows how to please. He’s a choreographer with all the right moves, which he proves with his pussy-pounding boner! But, it all comes back to Chester (Randy Spears). The ladies of the house realize what hard work he does for them, so they decide to return the favor with a savory breakfast served up with a lot of TLC and some vitamin P. Randy Spears is At Your Service, with ALL the right tools for the job! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262,