Adam & Eve And Ultimate Pictures Present The Scandal

Life in the public eye isn’t always fun and games – that is, unless you’re a famous NBA player who has all the chicks trying to slam dunk your big, round balls! Meet Sean Micheals – a man who thinks he has it made, until The Scandal with a beautiful fan finds him in hot water! It’s the latest release from Adam & Eve. A chance meeting at a mailbox ushers in a special delivery of sex and intrigue for Sean Michaels and Dee. The two find themselves on the cover of a tawdry tabloid together when a member of the paparazzi puts a misleading angle on his photography. When Sean’s wife (Marie Luv) sees the display on the cover of her regular rag, she loses faith in her husband and goes for the gold with his manager (Cheyne Collins). The two play poolside until Cheyne’s ready to make a big splash on Luv’s lovely face! Feeling badly about the breaking news of their faux relationship, Dee decides to revisit Michaels’ home for a heart-to-heart. The two take a ride in his Hummer to hammer out all the details of what happened. Fortunately for Dee, she’s the one who gets drilled – doggystyle! Michaels gets a hole in one as he slides his big, black dick into Dee’s welcoming folds. It’s not until his Nubian nectar is all over her glistening face that they know they’re meant to be together. The Scandal is truly a paparazzi-fueled foray of fortunate happenstance! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262, cledford@adameve.com

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