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 Adam & Eve Pictures Presents Camera Club - Lights. Camera. Action!!

The 1950s was a difficult time to get dick for the ordinary housewife, but Violet Blue is anything but ordinary. In Adam & Eve’s latest big-budget release, Camera Club, see how one desperate housewife has her ultimate sexual fantasies unfold in a real-life tale of tantalizingly tasty debauchery! Violet Blue and Byron Long have a common relationship – he’s a gardener at her home. But, much like television’s desperate housewife, Violet Blue is a woman who can’t be satisfied by her husband alone. When she goes into her home, Long follows for what he thinks will be a balls-deep f*cking. But, when he unleashes his massive member, he finds that Blue’s feet feel so great on his cock, that he can’t help but explode all over them! Then, when Blue’s husband, Joey Ray, returns home, he’s in a randy mood. Both Blue and Ray take their husband and wife activities to the bedroom for what’s a true testament of their lust for one another. Ray pumps Violet’s rump full of his rock-hard manhood, then pops on her clit! But, when Violet hosts a dinner party for friends, she’s upset by how easily her husband talks about their sex life. In fact, she’s so upset that she faints. When she comes to, the whole house full of guests are busy doin’ the freaky tiki! Blue immediately follows suit and goes down on her friend Jessica Sweet. It’s a smorgasbord of sexual excitement until the guys erupt with man magma all over the girls’ magnanimous mountain peaks! Finally, Blue sees that her sexual preferences have changed. She no longer wants to be the boring housewife – she wants to explore her sexuality with her gardener, Byron Long. Camera Club also stars Yasmine Vega, Corina Taylor, Lexi Matthews, Victoria Givens, Vincent Vega and many more! Explore the underground world of raunchy sex and female lust today! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262, cledford@adameve.com

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