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 Adam & Eve Pictures Presents Crack Creem

Every title Adam & Eve Pictures releases is a delicious dish, but Crack Creem is one compilation that cums with its very own special sauce. Watch as some of the finest honey-baked hams get drizzled with a thick layer of man-made glaze! Elizabeth X is excited when she happens upon a hung Kyle Stone. The two quickly congregate on a close-by counter top to tickle one another’s fancy. Stone dives face-first into X’s puissant poon before balancing above her sweet ass to spray it with his hard-up hose! The scene leaves Elizabeth in quite a sticky situation! Then Amber Michaels makes the most out of a chance encounter with Frank Fortuna. The buxom blonde administers a sloppy, wet BJ before pouring hot wax on her titan tits! Fortuna then deposits a gargantuan glass dildo in Michaels’ ass, readying her rear for action! When it’s time, Frank bumps and pumps Amber’s ass until it’s time to jolly jizz all over her hungry hole – leaving it dripping wet! And finally, Anika Fox is a fellating fiend! When the tawdry temptress parks herself in front of Dick Delaware’s beefy pole, she can’t help but polish it to streak-free shine. The two then take it around to the backdoor, as Fox’s rear entry receives a delivery of delicious dick. Also starring Jewel De’Nyle, Ann Marie, Aria, Alaura Eden, Dale Dabone, Randy Spears and more, Crack Creem is a tasty treat that’s sure to satisfy – it’s jam-packed with pop shots that plop straight on the ass! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262,