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 Adam & Eve And Fallen Angel Present The Newest Edition Of The Highly Popular Series, Sex Across America: Aspen

Alexandra Silk and the gang are at it again! See the sex-hungry snow bunnies of Aspen heat up as the Sex Across America team prepares to prove the mile-high city a winner when it comes to corporal indulgence! It’s the latest tale of tantalizing travels from the guys at Adam & Eve Pictures and Fallen Angel Productions. It’s up, up and away with blow jobs as the adventurous team travels high above Aspen in a hot air balloon. Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk are quick to note the jaw-breaking talents of Lee Ann as she quickly downs Chris Cannon, swallowing his hot and sticky load, before the fun foursome make it back to land. Then, from full release, we cum full circle to a hot tub nestled in the not-so-private backyard of an Aspen cottage retreat. Lee Ann, Alexandra Silk and Jordan Styles steal the show with their bare breasts beaming in the steamy waters. It’s when Chris Cannon cares enough to warm Jordan’s muffin with many a ball-draining blow, however, that a glimpse at how giving these mountain-goers are is given. But, as all good things do, this show must come to an end. What better way than with a 5-person orgy?! Alexandra Silk, Lee Ann, Jordan Styles, Chris Cannon and Jerry join together in a happening heptagon of huge talent! Despite its cold temperature, the sex in Aspen is hotter than ever! But, be on the lookout… you never know when the Sex Across America team may make it to your town! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262,

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