Adam & Eve Pictures Presents True Hardwood Stories -Sometimes Real Life Is Hotter Than Fiction

Romance editor Lorelei (Shayla LaVeaux) has an eye for good writing – what she doesn’t expect is for that writing to become reality. In Adam & Eve’s newest feature, True Hardwood Stories, the pages of fantasy cross into real time in a video that proves to be a good mix of entertaining television! When Shayla first arrives at her office, it’s business as usual – she has coffee, chats on the phone, etc. – but soon, the business at hand becomes that of enacted encounters of the intimate kind! Britney Skye and Chris Cannon are strip club patrons who quickly promulgate their passions for one another – it’s a steamy night of blow jobs and doggy-style drilling! Britney straddles the stage before she sits on Cannon’s well-polished pole – taking his every inch inside! Think it can’t get any hotter!?! Victoria Givens shows us it can when she gets around office politics by giving her grievances directly to the boss (Tony Tedeschi). Rubbing his crotch with her feet, she feels her way to a raunchy rubdown, then readies herself for some missionary impossible – it’s a squirting good time! Finally, Shalya sees that her visions aren’t simply a specter. Randy Spears is a sailor who has a hunger for LaVeaux’s hot box! He takes off his uniform and begins slaking her thirst for fresh-squeezed, man-made loving! This video is a True Hardwood Story that turns the page from fiction to true-life ecstasy! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262, cledford@adameve.com

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