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 Adam & Eve And Ultimate Pictures Present Carmen Luvana In Possession

Carmen Luvana is a college coed who has a great deal of rousing research to tend to when a school project propels itself into the wide world of the paranormal in Adam & Eve and Ultimate Pictures’ new release, Possession. While conducting research at a mysterious mausoleum, Carmen comes to find she has more in common with the local residents than she’d anticipated. In a twist of fate, the comely coed is transported into the lives and sexual fantasies of persons from the past – it’s a lesson in love and lust she won’t soon forget! When a caretaker takes Carmen on a tour, she meets up with an old acquaintance and finds herself present in the midst of a proposition from days past. Cheyne Collins asks Nevaeh to take his hand in marriage before she takes his magnanimous member down the hatch. It’s a welcome scene since all think they’re the perfect match. Then Carmen finds herself feeling her way around the tawdry times of the ‘20s. They’re not doing the Charleston, but things begin flapping as bodies start slapping when Natalia Wood just has to have her slippery satisfaction! Also starring Evan Stone, Olivia del Rio, Dominica Leoni, Steven St. Croix, Amber Rain and more, Possession is sure to please! When the spirit takes Possession of your thoughts, you’ll be more than happy to yield to all nine-tenths of its law! For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262, cledford@adameve.com