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 Adam & Eve Pictures Presents Nina Hartley’S® Guide To Double Penetration

The queen of the adult screen, Nina Hartley, has accomplished a lot in her film career. One thing that she hasn’t done, though, is a double penetration. In Nina Hartley’s Guide to Double...


 Adam & Eve Pictures Presents Nina Hartley’S® Guide To Spanking

Video veteran Nina Hartley wants YOU to learn how the truly erotic expression of spanking can increase your intimate encounters, because Nina knows that sometimes even the nice need to be naughty! ...


 Adam & Eve Pictures Presents Toy Stuffers -More Than Two Xxx Hours

To SINFINITY and beyond! The girls in Adam & Eve Pictures’ latest compilation, Toy Stuffers, like to crack open their pleasure chests and whip out their very favorite sex toys – serving up only...


 Adam & Eve Pictures Presents Naughty Bits -More Than Two Xxx Hours

Gettin’ down ‘n’ dirty is what this stable of horny hos does best! Watch as these pretty, pink pusses go in search of some king-sized cocks… it’s a never-ending tale of truly taboo delights in the...


 Adam & Eve Pictures Presents In The Open -More Than Two Xxx Hours

When it’s time for love, the human body knows no bounds. It doesn’t matter when the mood strikes, these lovely ladies lust after only one thing: cock – and they have to have it immediately, even...


 Adam & Eve Pictures Presents Urban Heat

Adam & Eve and Femme Productions are pleased to announce the DVD release of the Candida Royalle hit, Urban Heat. A sensual heat shimmers above city streets. Dormant passions come alive. The...


 Adam & Eve Pictures Presents Black In White

Do you like to see pretty, white virgins splitting their peach-fuzz pussy on big, black dicks? See these shy, little girls get a taste of brotherly love in the latest release from Adam & Eve...


 Adam & Eve Pictures Presents Hungry For Ass -Nearly Four Full Hours!

Hungry? How about a heaping helping of ass? Adam & Eve Pictures is pleased to present its latest compilation film, Hungry for Ass, from deep within the “anals” of the company’s video vault! In...


 Adam & Eve Pictures Presents Nina Hartley’S® Guide To Masturbation

For so long, the art of solo satisfaction has been ignored – some see only sex with a partner as satisfying. Nina Hartley® would like to shatter that myth with her latest comprehensive guide, Nina...


 Adam & Eve Pictures Presents Nina Hartley’S® Guide To Multiple Orgasms

Adult legend Nina Hartley® continues her instructional video series with this latest volume focusing on multiple orgasms – it’s a “how to” on maintaining and achieving this often eluded enigma. ...

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