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Seamless Crochet Net Bodystocking

Item# M682
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Price: $17.95
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Seamless Crochet Net Bodystocking
Crotchless Cross-Dyed Lace Thong
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Seamless Crochet Net Bodystocking  
Crotchless Cross-Dyed Lace Thong  

Seamless Crochet Net Bodystocking

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Showcase Every Curve!

This soft and sensual black body stocking slips on easily and stretches to cling to every contour of your body! Two comfortable elastic straps draw the fabric against your skin as the circle crochet pattern teasingly reveals all. And when the mood moves you, it’s crotchless for easy access! Thong panties sold separately. Imported.

Panty in the picture is not included.

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Rene Rofe

Customer Reviews

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Here's a list of the questions other shoppers have asked owners of the Seamless Crochet Net Bodystocking

  1. Martin asked on
    What is the difference of the two choices bc my girlfriend is short and small OS AND QUEEN OS
    1. Confirmed purchaser replied on
      I think the Queen OS is larger, but I am not sure. I ordered the OS, and it fits my petite wife.
  2. Cindy asked on
    I am concerned about size, I'm 5'2 @ 180 lbs. Want to make sure I order the correct size for a body stocking. Thank you!
    1. CHARLES replied on
      Well my wife is 5'6 @ 200 lbs, and it fits perfectly (stretchy material)...the QO or OQ....plus size! Super Sexy too!!! Don't forget to be fully dry and take your time putting it on. Enjoy!
  3. Robert asked on
    Not sure on size. My wife is 5'6" 180. Curvy with large breasts. What size will work?
    1. NATASHIA replied on
      I recommend her to get the queen size I'm 4'10 with large breast and that's what I got

  4. Sarah asked on
    Im a B cup and short. How well will this fit/look?
    1. DANIEL replied on
      When it comes it is very small and has the ability to stretch. Obviously we don't know how exactly it would fit or look; however, I feel like it would fit almost any body type.
  5. Charlotte asked on
    What's large
    1. CHARLES replied on
      I ordered the14-20Q size, which they call "plus"...my wife is a 18/20...20/22, somewhere in there, and she had no problems getting in or out of it! Just make sure you are totally dry and that you take your time putting it on...to keep it in good shape and condition. Hope this helps!
  6. Evan asked on
    What does OS 2-12 and the other mean because theirs no size chart
    1. NATASHIA replied on
      Really I can't say because I don't either but I assume it stand for small to large and than one of them stand for queen which I got because I have big breast so if you have a similer small body that would probably be the best size for you it just depends on you body size but the bet is stretchable so if you r a big thick woman you probably would want to get the queen size just saying .
  7. Kiara' asked on
    How do I know if I'm choosing the right size? Is there a size chart to read off of?
    1. DANIEL replied on
      It is a super stretchy material that seems to also have great elasticity. It looks like out of the package that a bean pole couldn't even fit. Then it stretches for miles and could fit most any size and shape. It stretches out and then returns to its original form after a wash no problem.
    2. TERRIE replied on
      Love the fit. When I took it out of the package I wondered if it was going to be too small. But it stretches to your body, love the feel. Makes me feel really sexy, husband loved it. I am plus size and the fit was perfect.
      Very pleased and highly recommend.

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