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The X-Mas Tuggie

Item# X298
Backordered - Ships 12/24/2016
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The X-Mas Tuggie

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Keep your package festive & toasty even in a blizzard!

The X-Mas Tuggie is the hands-free way to keep your stuff covered, cuddly and warm no matter how low the temperature dips!

The soft and fuzzy X-Mas Tuggie slips easily around your package to keep your shaft and balls nice and warm while caroling, skiing, sledding, building snowmen, or throwing snowballs. An adjustable drawstring in the base ensures a secure fit and keeps the tuggie from slipping off no matter how active you get. The tuggie itself is covered with red and white straps to make your shaft look just like a festive candy cane. But it’s your job to talk your lover into taking a lick!

Sure you could just use a tube sock to keep your package cozy. But then you have to worry about the sock slipping off and falling out of your boxers. And your typical tube sock isn’t nearly as festive or as sexy as the X-Mas Tuggie! Just imagine the look on your lover’s face when you tell them there’s one more present to open… and show off your X-Mas Tuggie!

The X-Mas Tuggie measures 8.5 inches long and 2 inches wide, with a generous sized ball sack. It is made by Pipedreams from polyester.

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