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Adonis Boxers
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Adonis Boxers
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Adam & Eve Masturbator Lube 16 oz.

Adonis Boxers

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Put Your Goods On Display!



If you've got it, why hide it? Showcase your stuff in these hot-looking Adonis Boxers. This is the underwear that has no secrets – the unique design features a see-through mesh panel right where it counts the most, to draw her undivided attention straight to your ramrod-hard manhood.


Imagine her delight as you slowly strip down to these sexy black boxers. Watch her eyes as the shiny wet-look fabric catches her gaze. Wiggle your well-defined butt, then turn around and give her a great peek at your package through the front panel mesh window. She'll love the sight and you'll love her reaction!


But the Adonis Boxers are more than just sexy. They're made of cool, comfortable spandex and polyester that feels great against your skin. Wear them any time: under your clothes for a smooth unrestricted feel, or at home for comfy relaxation. The stretch waist and legs guarantee a perfect fit and feel all day.


Why should the ladies get all the hot underwear? Wear the Adonis Boxers tonight and give your girl a show to remember.


The Adonis Boxers come in black only and are imported.

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Customer Reviews - Adonis Boxers

Sexy Stuff   

WhoopWhoopBonerAlert on July 19, 2014

This was the first male lingerie we've tried. The wife thought it would be funny but when I came out her jaw dropped. I felt super sexy in them and she absolutely loved them. Gave her a nice strip tease with the ass before turning around to "give her the view" and her reaction was priceless. These are alot of fun. The mesh window adds a really nice tease/kink factor to it all and is just plain sexy and fun. They look great and don't have that cheesy look that a lot of the male lingerie has.
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