Jeweled Ring Enhancer Features


Sexy Pouch Adds Just The Right Amount Of Tease!

Now flaunt your goodies in a way that'll make 'em cry for more! The Jeweled Ring Enhancer's pouch puts your stuff away while showing off the rest of your physique.

Feel free and sexy while your penis and balls are backstage so to speak, snug inside a comfy black pouch. The elastic waist is adjustable up to 38 inches with silver clasps for the fit that's right for you.

And that ornate adjustable silver ball above the pouch lends a very masculine look to your presentation. Somebody might even play with it.

• Jeweled Ring Enhancer
• Adjustable elastane waist up to 38 inches.
• Adjustable silver ball above black pouch
• Adjust waist with logo-engraved sliding silver clasps
• Made from polyamide, a nylon-like material
• Made in Canada
• Includes care and easy how to use instructions

The Jeweled Ring Enhancer is a unique garment for men. It's about how you feel and how you look.

Once you put on your Jeweled Ring Enhancer, you'll probably be asked to dance –– so you might want to have some music ready for that...

Can the Jeweled Ring Enhancer be worn under your regular clothes? Now that might be worth a try –– go for it!

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Gregg Homme

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