Showgirl Nipple Tassles

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Spotlight your lovely nipples with these sexy and entertaining tassles! Rubber-tipped fasteners are adjustable for total comfort. Metal chain tassles also provide sensual tickling to other sensitive parts of your body!

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Nipple Accessories

Customer Reviews - Showgirl Nipple Tassles

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needs work, but   

on June 4, 2013

can be modified if you have the right tools. My first time use, one of the tassels fell off the clip. Then when I pulled on the clamp, the protective covers came off. I do a lot of crafting, so I was able, in about an hour, to adapt the chain tassels into connecting chains, also added beads, etc, using jewelry findings, to change weight and look. I used a craft glue for metal to secure the safety tips. I realy like the clamps very much, but wish they were a little shorter. However, they can be positioned to the side, or upward towards the neck. Hmmm, just thought to connect the ends with a short chain and have them meet in the middle, ooohh
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