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Adam & Eve Magic Massager

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Product Description

Extra Power That Doesn't Stop Until You Do!
As seen in Tristan Taormino's Guide to Kinky Sex Couples

Tired of vibrators that aren’t strong enough, or ones that run through batteries faster than you can enjoy them? The Adam & Eve Massaging Vibrator is strong enough for even the most demanding user, and never requires a single battery change! This wand style massager provides deep, satisfying vibrations at both low and high speeds for a multitude of sensual applications.

• Super Strong Dual Speeds
• Long Handle For Easy Maneuvering
• Cord measures 5.5 feet long
• Flexible Ball Spring Head
• Plug In Power Never Runs Low

The vibrator’s easy to hold long handle allows you to angle the wide tip for powerful purring against the clitoris that will produce wave after wave of climaxes. Use while lying on your back, or lay on top of the tip for an array of sensations no battery powered vibrator can match! A rocker switch in the handle controls the switch between the strong “low” setting that’s adequate for most users, and the powerful “high” setting for those that like their vibes a little stronger.

The power cord measures five and a half feet for plenty of wiggle room; just plug into the wall and enjoy the massager intimately, or with a partner for sensual and relaxing massage. The flexible neck gently pivots to conform to your body’s curves, and the 2 ½ wide tip offers an erotic surface for sexual exploration. Add a dab of your favorite sex lubricant to the head and experience an amazing combination of slick glide and deep vibration. The massager’s quiet motor is more discreet than some battery operated toys on the market.

After each session, simply switch the unit off, unplug, and wipe the tip off thoroughly with a damp cloth before storing. Beginner and advanced user alike will appreciate the powerful effects of this stimulating sex toy, though it may be strong for those that prefer delicate sensations. Upgrade your experience by trying one or all of Adam and Eve’s four specialty attachments, each sold separately.

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Product Details

Best Used For: Clitoral Massage
Brand: Adam and Eve
Colors: White
Features: Vibrating, Multiple Speeds, Electric
Gender: Female
Intensity Level: Very Strong
Material: Plastic
Noise Level: Average Noise
Power Source: Electric
Width: 2.50 inches

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on 12/13/2013 9:07:31 PM
Nice and heavy
I bought this to supplement a collection of standard dildos and vibrators and to act as an actual massage tool as well. It is very powerful. Kinda intense for a lot of direct stimulation, but it gets the job done quickly and feels good on sore muscles. Great addition to any toy box.
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on 6/13/2014 4:08:52 PM
My boyfriend and I love using different toys, this has been the best one! Its so powerful! The only downside is that there isn't a lower setting and it is loud. He got an attachment for himself (a stroker) and says its a little too rough for him. other vibrators really can't compare
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on 9/30/2014 5:21:58 PM
Lots of power
This works great, has lots of power, my only complaint is that it's VERY loud. If it were quieter it would be 5 stars.
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on 2/12/2015 2:02:32 AM
Whoa, very powerful!
I was not expecting so much speed and power to come from this massager! I'm very impressed! Definitely worth the money. I'm not sure if this is normal or not but my massager speaks once turned on. It's okay but if your trying to be discreet then it won't work for you.
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on 3/10/2015 12:02:28 PM
A Very Powerful Wand!
I originally wanted to buy the Hitachi Magic Wand, but I decided to go with this one due to the differences in prices. ANYWAY, I have to say that just as the reviews said, THIS WAND IS VERY POWERFUL AND INTENSE! It provides a lot of great stimulation, but it may be too intense if you find that your clitoris is very sensitive (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). The controls are very easy to use and it's awesome that I don't have to worry about any batteries running out of power due to the cord. Despite the powerful vibrations, the tip of the toy is made out of very soft material and will not hurt you in places where you don't really want to be hurt, ha-ha! The tip of the wand is also pretty flexible and easy to adjust in case you find yourself having difficulty hitting the right spot. Also, this massager is VERY, VERY LOUD, so depending on where you live, you might want to use this in a more quiet and isolated setting where your neighbors and/or family members will not be able to hear it, otherwise they'll think you're getting attacked by a chainsaw, ha-ha-ha! It's also very convenient that this toy does not have a phallic appearance at all whatsoever, so if by chance someone DOES happen to come across it, they won't immediately jump to the conclusion that it's a sex toy...unless they've seen one of these things before and/or have one themselves, that is! There are only a couple of drawbacks that I find with this product: 1.) I feel that the cord could have been just a little bit longer, but that's a problem that can easily be resolved depending on where the power outlets are located in whatever setting you find yourself in at the moment. 2.) Although this does provide A LOT OF INTENSE STIMULATION, I find it difficult to really pinpoint the pressure onto my clitoris; what I mean is that instead of the vibrations just going DIRECTLY to my clitoris, the vibrations just kind of work all over my genital area and make my vagina feel kind of numb. Again, thankfully this can be resolved through either purchasing a compatible attachment or just by merely adjusting the angle at which you're holding the wand to yourself. Overall, this is a great toy that I would highly recommend to those who feel they need more clitoral stimulation and feel that the Hitachi Magic Wand is a bit out of their budget. But be prepared, THIS IS INTENSE AND IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART, ha-ha-ha!
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on 3/11/2015 6:01:19 PM
Cant wait but...
just came home to find this on the front porch and opened it looks amazing. As I'm taking it out of the box all I can think about is using it on my girlfriend and seeing how surprised she is when she hears it. Plug it in, turn it on and very loud (not a huge problem). I tried to cycle through the different speeds but only seems to be 1; thought there was suppose to be 2 speeds (only reason I could find to give it a 4 and not a 5)
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on 3/14/2015 12:42:49 AM
way to much power for me. so much that I can Hardly even use it .first time I used it I came in 45 seconds flat! another thing I dislike is thats its so damn noisy. using this product discreetly is nearly impossible
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on 6/18/2015 11:09:30 AM
Settings are strong and REALLY strong
Not something for beginners and probably not for regular use to keep sensitivity over time. I've noticed that if I use this and follow it up with another, weaker, toy the next day, it doesn't work as well.
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on 7/22/2015 10:16:06 AM
Works well....the power of the vibration fluctuates slightly but not enough to keep me distracted from finishing the job i came to do.
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on 8/12/2015 3:22:25 PM
Wife said it was too strong, it should have way to control the power it has
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