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All American Mini Whopper Vibrating Dong
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All American Mini Whopper Vibrating Dong  
Duracell AA Batteries (4 pack)  
A&E Forbidden Anal Lubricant   
A&E Pure and Clean Misting Toy Cleaner  

All American Mini Whopper Vibrating Dong

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Shaped For Vibrating G-Spot & Pegging Thrills!

This vibrating realistic dong will make her G-spot quiver with anticipation! 5" of firm rubber, shaped like a perpetual hard-on –– and it's strap-on harness compatible! 3-speed jackpin controller works with other jackpin toys, too! And ladies, it's shaped for perfect prostate stimming to peg some nearby man-booty! Powered by 3 AA batteries (sold separately).

• All American Mini Whopper Vibrating Dong
• Suction cup base for solo use
• Harness compatible
• Shaped for G-spot and prostate thrills
• 5" long, 1.25" wide
• Realistic phallic look and design
• Nice big balls to hold and control toy 
• 3 speed vibrations
• Click to select speed on detachable controller
• Great for women to "peg" male partners in the butt
• Use lots of water based sex lube or gel for any serious penetration, especially anal

Detach the controller at any time if it's some good thrusting you want. Re-connect via the jackpin to restore vibration functions to your All American Mini Whopper Vibrating Dong.

Use the powerful suction cup to make this Vibrating Dong stay put –– on floor, table top or a door. She can bend over while her partner opens and closes the door with the dong attached to it. It's a simple idea, but wild when you try it.

Did someone say "pegging"?

Yes, that's when milady wears the strap-on and lubes up this Vibrating Dong for when it's her turn to make it "his turn."

Two women can have fun with their All American Mini Whopper Vibrating Dong. Or a man can wear a strap-on harness and gives his erection a rest while the Mini Whopper delivers tireless thrusts.

Adam & Eve recommends the All American Mini Whopper Vibrating Dong to women, men and couples who like a good phallic dong –– and one that can vibrate, too. Using it with a strap-on harness is entirely up to you.


Product Details

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5.0 inches






1.25 inches


Male, Female


Nasswalk, All American Whopper


G Spot Tip, Suction-Cup Base, Textured Shaft, Multiple Speeds, Thrusting action


3 AAA batteries (sold separately)



Customer Reviews

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Scores 8.5 out of 10 based on 26 reviews
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(9 out of 10)


Adventurous and experimental
Soft and slim
Had a hard time getting it to fit in the harness with the life -like scrotum in the way. You know nothing's more sexy on a man than his scrotum. They should've just left that out.
Confirmed purchase: November 11 2015
Published on: November 21 2015
(6 out of 10)


(this review is for those considering vaginal insertion, and not anal. For those who have tried it for anal and may have a prostate, please make sure to leave your review accordingly so everyone has the right idea before purchase! :) )\n\nI got the mini version of this toy because I'm a petite lady so I will assume the bigger version is about the same. The vibrations are fine, they could be stronger. The texture of it is pretty good as well as it's curved enough to hit your inner walls just right. However the material itself is rather lackluster, it's a bit too stiff and rubbery. The suction cup is pretty poor, as it has come off several times, and I never bother to stick it to a wall anymore as it interrupts play way too often. If you try moving it with your hands, you tire easily, as there is no good grip for it, especially if you've lubed it up. For the price as well, this really should at least attempt to be waterproof so it's disappointing that it isn't.\n\nWhat's good about the toy at least is the size itself. It's difficult to find any decent toys for smaller ladies that are lifelike, so I jumped at this one simply for the size itself and that imitates a real penis and the fact that it's a vibrator to boot. At that, it's decent. You can achieve orgasm just fine with it, especially with clitoral rubbing since the vibrations are okay, but a lot of toys, including cheaper ones, can do that just as well. If the suction cup isn't gonna be good, the best thing would be for this to have a handle or grip instead. Like I mentioned before, moving the toy yourself is very tiring, so you can't enjoy a nice, slow ride to orgasm by just insertion. You can get a vaginal orgasm faster, but it requires a lot of dual clitoral stimulation using your fingers or another toy. Sometimes I get too tired doing this as well and can't achieve orgasm unless I switch to another toy, which is a shame.\n\nOverall, not terrible but could be a LOT better. Please consider adding more toys at this size!
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Confirmed purchase: April 30 2015
Published on: July 12 2015
(4 out of 10)


The vibration was barely there, and it was a little too small to get much pleasure for it. If you're REALLY sensitive than this might work for you, otherwise...eh.
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Confirmed purchase: June 30 2014
Published on: May 26 2015
(10 out of 10)


My wife and I tried pegging for the first time. Wow, this product was perfect. The size was just right for me and the vibrations felt great against my prostate. Super orgasm. More men should try this.
Confirmed purchase: March 02 2015
Published on: March 11 2015
(10 out of 10)


Bought this for anal play, ended up putting it in her p***y and it gave her the strongest orgasms ever! Don't underestimate this little guy!!
Confirmed purchase: January 24 2015
Published on: February 10 2015
(6 out of 10)


My feelings are a little mixed on this. \nThe mini isn't all that big, but I was worried about getting the original because I was scared it would be too big, but I regret it now and would have gotten it instead of this one if I had known.. And I've read a lot of the other reviews that say the same. \n\nThe suction is OKAY, the first time I used it was fine but after that it was hard to get it to stick to anything and even when it did, it usually ends up coming loose. \nThe vibration is good, but the cord is annoying. It gets in the way and if you barely even catch it on something then there goes the suction. \n\nAt normal price, I'm not sure if I would suggest this. I personally don't think its worth that. However, I had a 50% off coupon at the time, and for half price I would be more comfortable recommending it.
Confirmed purchase: December 27 2014
Published on: January 20 2015
(8 out of 10)


When I ordered mine, it was claimed to be 6" and I called to complain that the one I received was only 5" as stated on the package. They sent another, of the same thing. So whatever. Now I have two and I use them together (insidey and clitorally) and they have been working very well for 2 yrs. The only thing I HATE about them is the smell. Straight out of the plastic, they have a chemically, rubbery stink to them and to this day STILL have that odor. I hoped it would wear off after awhile, but it still hasn't. So yes, a good worker, fine size but horrible smell. I keep my toys clean, so don't think it's me. I just can't believe it still stinks after 2 yrs of regular use and cleaning. It was advertized as waterproof too, not sure if it still is. I have never submerged it, but have used in the shower with battery pack outside the shower.
Confirmed purchase: February 28 2013
Published on: September 15 2014
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