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Black Label Jack Rabbit Vibe Features


Black Label Jack Rabbit Re-Vamped With 3 Stronger Motors & Sleek Silicone Finish!  

This special, limited edition of the classic Jack Rabbit Vibrator boosts three motors to deliver increased power, more vibration and rotation functions and a sleeker design!

• Tip rotates to stimulate your entire vagina
• Mini-vibe focuses on your G-Spot for stronger stimulation
• Vibrating rabbit ears tickle and tease your clit
• Watertight seal for fun in the shower and easier cleaning
• Play with 7 vibration modes and 3 rotation speeds
• Powered by 3 motors for maximum strength and pleasure
• Measures 1.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches long, insertable
• Made from durable and hypoallergenic Silicone
• Uses 3 AA batteries, sold separately

This amazing multi-function vibrator targets your three most sensitive erogenous zones to bring you to an explosive orgasm in record time!

Special Features
The tip of the vibrator rotates and gyrates to stimulate your vagina. The circular motion makes the sex toy feel more natural and life-like by simulating the movement of a penis. You can use the control panel to pick which direction the tip spins – clockwise or counterclockwise – and adjust the rotation speed.

A special mini-vibe is positioned on the top of the shaft to buzz your G-Spot. The vibe makes it up for its small size by applying direct stimulation, which focuses all of its power entirely on your G-Spot for super-strong and super-intense power. The mini-vibe is powered by a second motor linked to the rotation control. As you increase you the rotation speed, you also increase the power of the mini vibe.

The special rabbit stimulator goes to town on your clit! Position your clit between the rabbit ears or nearly touching them and feel them dance over and around you as they vibrate hundreds if not thousands of times a minute. The sensation varies from a feather-like tickling on low to a frantic tongue licking on high. The third motor is buried directly inside the clitoral stimulator to help maximize power.

A watertight seal protects the vibrator’s inner workings so you can use it anywhere you go – whether you’re taking a shower in the morning or a late-night dip in the pool. The seal also makes it easier to clean your vibrator and keep it looking like new by protecting the motor and batteries from getting wet.

Vibration and Control
The vibrator comes with three separate motors – a vibrator in the clitoral stimulator, a mini-vibrator in the shaft, and a rotation motor. The clitoral vibrator features seven different modes, including three speeds and four pulsating patterns. The control panel has a built-in function button to let you cycle through the clitoral modes quickly to find your favorite.

The mini-vibe and rotation motors are linked together and provide you with 3 different speeds. These motors are controlled separately from the clitoral stimulator. Simply use the arrow buttons on the controller to change their speeds from low to medium to high and back again.

The controller has a separate on and off switch so you can turn it on and off immediately without having to cycle through the different settings.

Shape and Feel
Based on the traditional rabbit vibrator design, the Black Label Jack Rabbit features a vaguely penis-shaped tip. The tapered tip allows for easier penetration, especially with a little lube. The shaft of the vibrator is mostly smooth, consistent with the silicone material, with some embedded swirls primarily for decoration. The vibrator is firm and hard for easy penetration but lacks the flexibility that some users prefer.

Product Details







5.5 inches


Cal Exotics


Rotates, G Spot tip, Clitoral stimulator, Hypoallergenic, Multiple Speeds, Multiple Vibrations, Rotating tip, Uses Batteries


1.50 inches




3 AA batteries (sold separately)

Power Source:

Uses Batteries

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on April 1, 2013

Worth every penny!!! Made the wife orgasm over and over!!!!! Very powerful!!! We have a sybian machine and this makes her feel just as good!!!!!!!!
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