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Discreet Massager Uniquely Shaped To Fit Your Curves!
As seen in Tristan Taormino's Guide to Kinky Sex Couples
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From the makers of the best-selling We-Vibe, this massager – with its ultra-powerful motor and uniquely pleasing design – is made for solo fun!

• Rounded tip delivers pin-point stimulation with each touch
• Ergonomic wave shape made to fit your body’s contours
• Scoop “hugs” your clit for maximum-strength stimulation
• Play with 8 different vibration modes for a variety of sensations
• Stronger & quieter than your average vibrator for enhanced stimulation
• Incredibly discreet design makes it safe to use almost anywhere
• Waterproof for wet & wild fun in the shower or pool
• Measures 3.75 inches wide and 1.75 inches long
• Made from hypoallergenic and non-porous silicone
• Vibrator uses rechargeable batteries and lasts up to 2 hours
• Also includes: magnetic battery charger, storage bag & detailed instructions

The We-Vibe Touch is uniquely shaped to maximize your stimulation and its effectiveness. The rounded tip applies direct stimulation wherever you touch – from your nipples down to your clit! The spoon-shaped scoop fits over your clit, surrounding it with powerful vibrations for incredibly strong orgasms. The ergonomic body of the vibrator is shaped like a wave, to fit your body’s natural curves for soothing massages from head to toe.

The sex toy features 8 different vibration speed and patterns for you to try. Located in the tip for the most effective stimulation, the motor is stronger and quieter than your typical vibrator – making this sex toy incredibly discreet. You can safely use it in a crowded house without anyone knowing or slip it inside your suitcase when you need to relax on a stressful business trip.

The We-Vibe Touch is fully waterproof so you can safely enjoy it wherever you go – whether it’s your morning shower or a late-night dip in the pool.

The vibrator measures 1.75 inches across at its widest point and 3.75 inches long, with up to 3 inches insertable. The sex toy is made from silicone, one of the best materials used in sex toys. Silicone is hypoallergenic and body healthy so even people with sensitive skin or serious allergies can enjoy it. Silicone is also durable and non-porous, making the vibrator easier to clean and maintain. The vibrator uses a rechargeable battery with a special magnetic recharger. Simply plug the charger into any USB port and then attach the other end magnetically to the vibrator. It takes about 90 minutes for the toy to fully charge, and then it will run for up to 2 hours. The toy will start gently pulsating when you have less than 20 minutes of battery life remaining.

Adam & Eve recommends the We-Vibe Touch for novices and experts to use for massage as well as clitoral and G spot stimulation.

The vibrator is compatible with Adam & Eve’s water-based sex lubes. After using the vibrator, wash it in warm, soapy water and rinse it clean. Or you could also spray it down with Adam & Eve sex toy cleaner. Once the vibrator dries, place it in the storage bag and hide it with the rest of your sex toy collection.


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Waterproof, Clitoral stimulator, Hypoallergenic, Rechargeable, Multiple Vibrations




3.0 inches


1.75 inches



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Customer Reviews - We-Vibe Touch

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5 of 7 people found the following review helpful

on November 8, 2012

The charge only lasts 20 minutes and it gives no warning. It just cuts right off.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
Won't charge!!   

on January 13, 2013

We have had to return two of these because they will not charge properly after a couple uses. Terribly frustrating for such an expensive vibrator! If they could get that fixed I would give it five stars.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
loved it AT FIRST!   

on April 1, 2015

My fiancé and I used this toy like five times and now it doesn't work anymore. The vibration it put out when new was crazy strong and made sex fabulous. But now the vibration is hardly even there. It runs out of juice like a min into using it. I can buy a $10 vibrator that works better!
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
Big let down :(   

on October 26, 2012

We got this hoping it would be the last vibrator we would have to buy for awhile. Now the vibe on it works great, BUT the charge didn't even make it to my 1st "O".
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Very disappointed   

on August 22, 2014

There are a few reasons I'm giving this product a poor review: My main issue is with the power/charging. First, the "magnetic" attachment that you have to use to charge it with the USB cable isn't strong enough to hold the power connected so if it or the surface that it's on gets bumped or anything, it will fall off and stop charging. On top of that, it doesn't hold a charge for very long AT ALL. I have only used it twice and both times it has just run out of power, becoming essentially useless because you can't have it connected to a power source and turned on at the same time... And even if you could, the magnet wouldn't hold so the power would never stay connected. I would have much preferred if this product was battery powered - at least if it runs out, you can replace the batteries and carry on your merry way.rather than telling your partner they just have to wait 90 minutes so you can go charge up. I had higher expectations for the shape as well - it looks like it has been designed really specifically to be... ergonomic...? But I find the opposite to be true: it's an awkward shape that didn't really work for me at all. Given the price point and it being from We-Vibe, I expected a much better product and am disappointed. I wish I hadn't spent the money on this item and probably won't get anything from We-Vibe again. I'm not sure that this one will be around much longer before I just toss it out.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Great! until.....   

on March 14, 2015

It started so wonderful, how did it end up like this? For the first month, my world was rocked...then slowly... glitches. Not taking a charge. Power greatly reduced and mode select gone haywire. Then... nothing. Not one little rumble, not even so much as a teasing twitch. For the price, I was expecting something a little longer lasting. I had a $17 Pocket Rocket that lasted longer than this thing did; I figured I'd treat myself to something REALLY nice. VERY disappointed.
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1 person found the following review helpful
Charge issues   

on September 20, 2014

I'll admit I liked this product... When it actually worked. Had for a couple weeks with no issues and now it won't charge even when hooked up (with the charging light on) for days. Considering the price I would have expected much better quality . Now I'm stuck with a nearly $100 vibe that can't even charge or turn on. Really disappointing.
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